Can you imagine skiing down the volcano? Pucón is Chile’s cold weather adventure destination. That can be done during the winter months, May to August. The skiing and snowboarding are considered to be some of the best in Chile and South Americans come from all over the continent to ski and snowboard in Pucón.

Ski Pucon

It’s the go-to place for winter activities in South America. If you really want to have a unique experience, you can try your hand at dog-sledding. While dog-sledding may be associated with Alaska and other freezing Arctic regions, you’ll find the practice alive and well in Pucón.

Dog Sledding Pucon

Of course, if you need a spa day from all of those cold weather activities, that can easily be accomplished in any local spa, which Pucón has many to choose from within the city center and its outskirts. It’s hard to beat a nice, warm sauna session while overlooking Villarrica Volcano.