If you want to discover rafting with your family or just enjoy a good thrill on rapids, this activity is what you’re looking for!

During this adventure you’ll be rafting in the white rapids of the Trancura River, this activity gives you two options to choose from: rafting in the Upper Trancura (Class IV+) or Lower Trancura (III). Making it a pretty extreme experience!
But not to worry, guides that will be directing this experience have years of experience.
* White-water class II Rivers may be rough but have small drops. A class III river usually has medium waves with 3-5ft drops but not much considerable danger.

The river is located in the southern eastern end of the Villarrica National park, so you will be able to delight with the lush views of the volcanos of Pucon!

You can be up to 6 people on the boat with your instructor to manoeuver in the rapids and teach you how to handle any type of rapids!

Source: adrenaline-hunter.com